Does anyone have an instructable on this(see description)?

Hi! I'm wondering if anyone has an instructable where i could make a mini computer with a screen so i can hang it up in my dads greenhouse and or it so the he can see the temperature, a to-do list and other gardening things. Also does anyone know where/how much it would be for someone to make a pc interface so it looked cool? Thnx in advance:) EDIT If you think you could help please can you PM me?

aarone8 years ago
This is fairly broad. It depends on your Dad's tastes.

The first thing that occurred to me is to do something really simple. Skip the screen, use a small button based LCD. (Like these) and connect it to a cheap PC you can put somewhere dry with airflow. The LCD can be programmed to display everything you listed above.

Another option you might consider is a Chumby. It's a programmable internet appliance. You could develop a tool for it and connect it wirelessly to your dad's computer, where he can update the information on it. If you're not a programmer, or don't want to, Chumby widgets are based on Flash, and you shouldn't have any trouble finding a programmer to put together something. That'd put you out ~ $200+programming time, not too bad.
Joe Martin8 years ago
I'm not sure how well a mini ITX board would do in a greenhouse due to the humid heat of which that computers do not like! You may have to search for a more industrial solution to use as these would be made to work in situations such as this.