Does anyone have an instructable or something to make a converse style of shoes from duct tape?

I want a duct tape shoe that doesnt look too much like crap. It can have a bunch of other stuff, as long as it has mostl duct tape.

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Chikara8 years ago
okay, converse styled shoes are actually called "hightops" so look for how hightops are made and do as Matt said, make the patterns into duct tape, cut them, put them together, and make laces.
 convers makes a chuck-taylor loww top

Matt214978 years ago
Look up how a cnversne style shoe is made and then see what patterns they use. Then cut out those patterns out of duct tape. Then just tape them together along the inside and outside overlaps. Then there are instructables on how to make laces.
goatgirly8 years ago
Many instructables on it but, I don't think it would breath well. I'm gonna try to make some out of old jeans.
robotguy48 years ago
Well lookie what I found in the related Instructables thing to the right:

That should help you get started, tape leg.
With Duct Tape????
its gonna be so hot inside those shoes that you will need to read an
instructable on how to treat blisters and boils on your feet!!
lemonie8 years ago
Uh, why - Is this a homework assignment or something?
I looked for a bit and got tired, so this is the best I found before giving up: