Does anyone have any ideas to make a small linux powered computer (such as a tablet) that would have a touchscreen?

Solution 1: 8 or 9+ touch screen, wi fi capability, 1 or 2 usb ports and some type of card reader, small profile several inches or less.

Solution 2: MID device capable of running Ubuntu MID edition. Specs and more at

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cool!8 years ago
Agree with ZEROGX, but install onto an SD card, smaller cheaper and bigger. Use Easy Peasy (I know stupid name) on eee pcs, it is Ubuntu MID for eee.
gmxx cool!8 years ago
an sd card is nice, but using it as a boot drive is not usually a great idea due to the limited number of read/write cycles. Otherwise, using an sd card for storage is fine.
cool! gmxx8 years ago
True, true. There are versions of linux designed to reduce # of writes, could use that. File systems i mean
gmxx cool!8 years ago
it also depends on which eee pc he has. if he has one one of the ones with a hard drive, then an sd card should not even be needed
i know im a little late on this one but could you use any laptop motherboard? or is the asus eee pc the best choice for said project?
cool! gmxx8 years ago
Yeah. A hdd install of ubuntu Netbook Remix, Easy Peasy, or EEEBuntu seems to be the best, or if he is okay with a diff. filesystem something for an sd card or usb could be used on all computers (Work, school, home) with one install, thats why I like it. Touch screen MIDs are quite expensive, but awesome.
gmxx cool!8 years ago
and the asker seems to be interested in a version of ubuntu linux, which is fairly easy to install and maintain, and in my experience fairly easy to use
cool!8 years ago
K here is my final answer:
Buy an eee pc 1000HE, 380 on amazon. Got good reviews.
Look on eBay for a 10 inch capacitive touch screen, it uses a usb plug.
Attach it (Follow directions from a google search) using the internal usb port.
Download ubuntu netbook remix (
And install it through a live usb (Google it).
Find drivers for the touch screen, and have fun with your touch screen eee.
gmxx8 years ago
Buy an asus eee pc, and then go on to ebay to find a touch screen conversion kit for your particular model. Install the touch screen. (this will void the warranty) Next go make a bootable flash drive or bootable cd (on another computer) with ubunut MID on it and boot off the flash drive or with a usb cd drive (should you use the bootable disc)