Does anyone have any information about this rocking chair?

One of my friends gave this to me and told me to take care of it. Apparently there is some sentimental value to it and i am trying to bring it to its original glory. I was wondering if anyone knows the name of it or has any original pictures. Or any information about this. Rocking chairs aren't my expertise, and not much stuff about them are on here but i felt it was worth a shot.

Picture of Does anyone have any information about this rocking chair?
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vivian20125 years ago
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Burf5 years ago
It appears you have an Empire style rocking chair there. You can see more of it HERE:
Empire style chair.jpg
Oh I knew I recognized that chair. :-)

I think this one (and the OP's) are reproductions. The one I recall (circa 1800's), had a leather seat and no upholstery back and they called them "Empire Rockers" (among other things)...

Good find. :-)
canucksgirl5 years ago
I recognize the style (but can't remember from where). It appears that the material is not the original, and I don't think it was designed for an upholstered back. If you inspect it closely, I would imagine there are spindles behind the back panel. If there is, then that upholstered back is probably an add on. The upholstery seat may or may not have been part of the design; and the tacks also seem like an add on. If you do choose to remove the material for closer inspection, check the seat for varnish. If the seat is finished, then the cushion was likely added on later. If the seat area is raw and unfinished below the cushion, then it was designed to have a fabric covered seat. You just want to be careful when removing the material so that any nails or tacks don't create any further damage. If you choose to restore the chair without the upholstery, then you may need to repair any holes from the add-ons. If the overall condition of the wood is acceptable, then you may opt to just leave it for awhile, as a full restoration would require a lot of careful sanding, and then re-varnishing the piece. ~ I hope that helps. :-)

Burf5 years ago
The pictures aren't the best, but what I can tell, it appears to be white oak and the joints look to be tight. My guess is that it was likely made in the 1950's.
As for restoring it to its former glory, I'd recommend you be very conservative. Clean the wood with some Murphy's Oil Soap and then finish with a coat of lemon oil and vacuum the upholstery. Anything more could destroy the natural patina.
I would do no more than that except to bring it into the house out of direct sunlight where the temperature and humidity are relatively stable and cover it with an old bed sheet or a cotton fabric cover of some sort.
Burf Burf5 years ago
I forgot to mention, look under the chair on the wood frame for a manufacturer's tag or its name embossed into the wood.