Does anyone have homemade gift ideas for men?

  I am looking for homemade gift ideas for men (and 1 teenager) that like music (metal rock), golf, and football. I want to make them something they will actually use. Any ideas appreciated! Thanks!

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jman968 years ago

For the cook: a potted herb plant - you can start them from seed now and they'll be ready by Christmas.

For the golfer: hand painted golf tees. For a gag: fill a jar with beans and label "cowboy bubble bath".

cupcake811 (author)  jman968 years ago
Good idea! I like the golf tee one. How would you paint it and/or wrap it? Thanks.
lutziepv088 years ago

They are really easy to make.
& easy to play*
nepheron8 years ago

These make fantastic gifts. The magnets are so strong, bracelets and necklaces can be made and worn.
These are guaranteed to be the hit-gift.

Here is a video of this toy in action:

calender with pictures of you??

crochet a cell phone sockie

Kiteman8 years ago
Knit embarrassing cosies for their clubs - they will be obliged to use them, as they were a gift.

cupcake811 (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Ha! If I made them non-embarassing they might like them... Good idea!
the best thing u could get,no matter what they like,is money.
Marsh8 years ago
 You can't go wrong with food. Just make sure it's something they like. If they know it was complicated and it turns out well it's worth more points.
Shoe horn carved from wood. Or the ever popular hillbilly putter.
Udon8 years ago
If a girl made me peanut butter cookies, I would love her long after they're all eaten.