Does anyone have ideas for a DIY catering menu for a public reception at an art gallery?

Hi there,

I'm having an exhibition next month and I have to do the catering myself.  I'm a good cook, and I can follow a recipe.  I'm hoping some of you out there may have some fun, funky and inexpensive ideas for offering my guests a few (3 tops) morsels (vegetarian options are preferred), and a cool beverage (non-alcoholic). 

I'm open to themes or just out in left field. 

Thanks for your help!

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orksecurity7 years ago
Best thought I've got is to websearch "appetizer recipe" and "tapas recipe" and see whether anything interesting turns up. Combining those with keywords appropriate to the art in question might help narrow that down.
frollard7 years ago
As others suggest:  Art gallery makes me think wine and cheese/crackers.
I'm probably thinking this to far but it's just a suggestion.

I also don't know what art you make but I'm going with  painting (correct me if I'm wrong)

Cool would be if you could make some sort of post it art. You know the one were all the little colourful post-its make a nice figure of darth vader or something else.

It would totally blow people's minds if you could put some crackers with different coloured toppings and that they form something. Coolest thing ofcourse would be a resemblence of your favorite art piece. But you can also just form your name in cracker form.

I see you put in 60 guests. I always eat like 6-7 of those crackers on one of those receptions so youcan have 420+ crackers to make something with.

This is possibly to hard but I'm just putting it out there :)
fotogal (author)  MichelMoermans7 years ago
Nice!  Very creative. 
I'm a photographer. 

Here is a link to the space where I will be exhibiting:
What kind of photos ? Any theme you could carry into the nibbles ?
lemonie7 years ago
What level are we at here - people want to be fed, or people should be impressed by the snacks. Or to ask differently, how much spend per head?

fotogal (author)  lemonie7 years ago

Art events tend to attract some hungry folks - but feeding the masses is not my intention. I'm looking to serve something impressive but not expensive. 
> Oh geeze - per head, um not a lot.  Total budget maybe $75 max CAD. 

Thanks for all of the replies so far.  I always have my tested and true sour cream and onion soup dip my Mom taught me when I was 6 but...  I'm looking for a creative twist on things.

Keep it up. 
Doctor What7 years ago
 For a drink I would do bubble tea, in large quantities, in a punch style bowl  (make sure it is clear).  That would look amazing.

For morsels, just look for simple appetizers.  Maybe some candies?  Make them look interesting.  Think cake pops, or do something creative with formed sugar (for instance, take some sugar, food coloring, and water, melt it down, and pour to make an edible glass type of candy.  Place in chocolate, viola!  Fancy candies).
Jayefuu7 years ago
How about.....

Pumpkin Soup
<insert other starter here>


Moroccan Style Beef Tagine
Veggie Lasagne


Chocolate Mousse
Fruit Salad
Jayefuu Jayefuu7 years ago
Oh woops. Selective reading, I didn't see the bit where you said "morsels". Sorry :D
Simplest would be crudités and dips ? Houmous, Tabbouleh, Baba-ganoush ?
Only trouble with dips are folks who "double dip" and the remaining dip becomes a raging mess of germs. Better to serve on crackers or something.

How many do you expect to cater for ?
fotogal (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Ah yes, that would have been good to mention.  30 - 60 guests.