Does anyone have some sewing project ideas for refashioning old clothes like pants or buttondown shirts?

I'm looking for some ideas and instructions for using older, out-of-style clothing to make new fashionable clothes. I've been looking through a book that gives some ideas for ladies tank tops made out of mens dress pants or adding collars from a buttondown shirt to a t-shirt, etc. It made me wonder if anyone else has some instructions for reusing clothing this way. I'm mostly interested in making clothing for little girls and plus size women so I'd love to see any instructable specifially about those or that can be adapted for those.

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KittyF7 years ago
I like the patterns on the Junk Jeans web site for Large women.  She takes between two and five pairs of junk jeans, either worn out or out of fashioned or to small or large and cuts them up and makes them into jumpers, skirts and jackets for women.  her patterns go from XS to 3XL 

HTH, Kitty
kylara708 years ago
You can look on etsy for cute project ideas. Also, my blog has pictures of a skirt I made from a pair of denim capris for my daughter. This is fun for any age kid.
lilybee8 years ago
There's a great blog called Wardrobe Refashion, where people share what they've refashioned. There's stacks of inspiration and is definitely worth a look.
Z..8 years ago
Got it! It's called "There's no such thing as leftovers"
Z..8 years ago
There is currently an Instructable on the homepage, where a member has made a little girls dress from the body of a mans shirt, and used the sleeves to make a pair of trousers for the little one.
Kiteman8 years ago
Have a look at giannyl's projects for inspiration.