Does anyone have the receipt for "Hooter's" fried pickles?

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Burf8 years ago
No receipt, but I do have a recipe for the pickles and the dipping  sauce:
Bigev Burf8 years ago
I have a receipt! it's a little old though...
john_l2f Bigev8 years ago
Thanx. Would that be the original Hooter's recipe?  If so how can I get it?
Bigev john_l2f8 years ago
Sorry, I meant that I bought some and had proof of purchase.
Note that fried pickles are something of a tradition in some areas of the country; I'm sure many recipes are out there, which may or may not be the same as Hooters' version. Worth looking around. Libraries have cookbooks, and the web often has many recipes for any given dish.