Does anyone know a quick easy way to do some multi track recording?

I need to make an audio track of me speaking with some background music.  I have a USB microphone for my pc but no software other than windows audio recorder.   Is there any basic free web software that I can use to make the two tracks and then put them together and export as an mp3 file?

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Audacity is really great, my band recorded our entire last album with it.

It's fairly spartan interface-wise, but I like the simplicity when I'm just trying to plain old multi-tracking.

hoonflap7 years ago
check out my instructable
MrMystery967 years ago
I suggest wavepad, I find simpler than audacity.
Re-design7 years ago
Download audacity (free) it will let you do multitrack recording.
Burf Re-design7 years ago
There are three open source software apps that are a must for any computer I own; Open Office suite, Audacity and Gimp.
graywoulf7 years ago
Re-design hit the nail right on the head. Audacity is very versatile for a FREE editing and multi-tracking software. It is a great place to start for a newbie.

You can download it here...

Have fun!