Does anyone know how to be able to shoot airsoft pellets in a paintball gun?

 I want to be able to shoot airsoft pellets in my paintball gun and still be able to shoot paint balls in it as well. Does anyone know how to do this?

freeza366 years ago
find a tube that the bb pellets fit into. bend in the tube or put mesh at one end to that the bb pellet wont fall out. them, insert that into the barrel (mesh end first) and use duct tape to secure it and make it airtight. I have done this to numerous nerf guns, and have heard of it being done to a paintball gun.
Put pellets in the hopper and shoot.
Mattonater7 years ago
buy an airsoft gun
bounty10127 years ago
try making something that will slide into the barrel of the paintball gun and make the diameter of the opening smaller so that you can effectively shoot pellets.