Does anyone know how to capture Netflix live video streams?

This question on how to capture Netflix live video streams has been bugging me since a couple of months ago. I have looked around a bit for ways to capture or record Netflix video streaming ,but I since I am still new to this sort of thing I didn't quite understand how this can be done. I was hoping that someone does know how to record Netflix movies and could help me with a couple of ideas.

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Reeddy7 years ago
 Well, to capture Netflix movies you need a screen recorder, because Netflix files are not flash videos but encrypted files. I could recommend the software I'm using to capture hulu movies, Tunebite, it's a good screen recorder and can capture streaming Netflix and also converts automatically the videos to any formats you want, avi, 3GP, MP4 and any others. You can also use it as Netflix Video Stream Recorder, YouTube Downloader, as it download youtube videos also, and from any other streaming online music and video sites. If you need help to capture Netflix live video streaming, check it here


does any of this still work?

keydogstony7 years ago
Check out the Pinnacle Systems - Dazzle Digital Video Creator Plus.

I got one for my daughter for Christmas. You can capture anything by using Viedo splitters between your VHS, DVD player.

Just requires that they have S-video or common 3 RCA Video cables.

You capture everything to your PC and can burn DVD's.
The question was from the PC screen to capture , not from a DVD capture
DVD 's are not live stream !
Find a VGA splitter and a VGA to AV or VGA to S-Vid and then fullscreen the video. That what I use.
Dave543215 years ago
Pick up a VGA converter on Ebay. The output is composit video that you can record on a VCR recorder and make up a 1/8 " stereo plug to RCA plug to
capture the audio. Play Netflix and record it on VCR or use another computer with a capture care with a A/V input.
the output of the converter is VGA out and the input is VGA in plus S video & composit video.
angelacat6 years ago
There is a handful of softwares are able to capture netflix videos, as Reeddy stated netflix movies are protected as silverlight videos with DRM. Thus the feasible solution to get netflix videos is to use a program which has record screen function to record it off website while playing. I also encountered this issue as a netflix subscriber. But I found that the new released version of the program I am using add this feature and I have tried it with excellent output video from netflix. Share it here.
wahas6 years ago
As far as I know, now available in addition to its official website has this product, there are two capture streaming video. They(Free trial) are

AFAIK, the netflix use silverlight video stream technology therefore you can use the flash video capturing program to capture it and it is also complicated to capture it with some streaming video recorder for you will get part of the video packet and you can't view them with VLC or windows media player.

But use a screen video capturing program, you can straightforward get the video to your computer, try it. And it will saved videos with a popular format that can be played with many media players.
merrye (author) 7 years ago
Hello guys, just wanted to let you know I finally decided to get Tunebite.
To be honest, I google for some time looking for a way to capture Netflix live video streams or for a reliable Netflix Video Downloader and I can say now that there are not many working apps that can indeed capture Netflix video streaming, so Tunebite Netflix Video Downloader is the best choice for me.
@reeddy thanks a lot also for that tutorial on how to capture Netflix live video streams with Tunebite, it came in handy. To be honest I was actually surprised by Tunebite's features, because it can pretty much capture everything you see and hear on the web so it can capture audio and video streams from a ton of websites, I was under the impression that it can just capture Netflix movies, YouTube videos and videos from a couple of other websites.
Thanks again for all the help guys.

merrye (author) 7 years ago
I also found a method to record and save Netflix video streaming discovered by a user if some forum but it implied creating some command lines and you had to go through a lot of steps until you'd be able to record the Netflix movie you wanted. Might just be a working solution but it's too complicated for me honestly.
After all, I would rather use an app that is able to record Netflix movies with a couple of mouse clicks than go through a lot of trouble with other complicated methods.
@reeddy thanks for suggesting that Tunebite Netflix Video Downloader, I will definitely give it a try. If this one is able to capture Netflix live video streams without any problems and it's also easy to use, than it's definitely a keeper.
Will  be back after I try Tunebite.
merrye (author) 7 years ago
Yeah, that's my problem also, I can google all I  want for ways to capture capture Netflix video streaming and still not find any working Netflix Video Downloader. They all say their apps can record Netflix movies and don't actually do such thing.
I stumbled upon some Super Screen Capture, of course it said it ca capture Netflix video streaming.But unfortunately didn't work, as instead of the Neflix movie I wanted to record  I only got some audio recording in the end.This sucks.
Let me know if you have tried that Replay Media capture thingy, maybe that one works.
Yes, the problem of how to capture Netflix video always hover in my mind, and later, one of my friends suggest me to use some screen recorder, he said that the program will help me record every thing on my computer, and I just tried it, and it turns out to be great. The program can help me capture live streaming video on Netflix with high quality, I really like it. So, if you want to record video form internet, I suggest you to use it.
Jeamy7 years ago
 I have searched a little bit for a way to capture Netflix live video streams and it seems that there are many Netflix Video Downloaders on the market, but unfortunately I don't know if they work, that's the big thing. Also, it's a kinda hard as Netflix uses encrypted files and those ones cannot be downloaded easily.
Anyway I guess I'll take a look at replay media catcher, it seems that it captures and records live streaming Netflix. If it doesn't work, I'll still looking for a good Netflix video stream recorder.
merrye (author) 7 years ago
Hey keydogstony, thanks a lot for  suggesting that tool I will definitely look into it to see if there is any chance it could also capture Netflix live video streams.
Although, after a quick google search I read somewhere that this one is actually useful for PC owners who need to convert their old home movies to a more usable format. So I think from what I can tell that it's meant for capturing videos from digital camcorder, VCRs or DVD players, not for capturing Netflix video streaming.
Plus it's kinda too expensive for my taste, I'd like something that is at least a bit cheaper.
Jeamy, I'm pretty sure that there is a way to record Netflix movies, the tricky part is to find a working reliable Netflix Video Downloader.
Jeamy7 years ago
 Good question, never thought to record movies from netflix, even it'd be great to find a good netflix video stream recorder, because I like netflix as I'm watching all the movies I want online, but would be greater if we could watch them offline or on dvd player or even on phone.
But I don't think that there is any possibility to record Netflix, because its a live video streaming website so I don't think you can download movies from netflix.