Does anyone know how to convert a battery powered card shuffler to electric,?

My parent are getting older, have arthritis and find it hard to shuffle cards.The battery powered shufflers run the batteries down to fast. It sure would be nice to be able to just plug it in.  Has anyone ever done this or is it even possible.  Thanks

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kelseymh5 years ago
5hockwave5 years ago
This is very easy just figure out how much voltage you need(should be between 6-9 volts) and buy or find a AC/DC power converter and cut the plug off and strip the wires.Then open the unit up and solder the two wires to the positive and negative connections.Drill a hole for the wires and then close it back up.Then plug it in and it should work just fine.
To expand on the other comments. Check how many batteries the shuffler uses. Each A, AA, C, and D batteries offers 1.5V. Now that you know how much power is needed you can go to your local radio shack or other electronics part supplier and purchas a wall-wart power supply to match the items needs.

Now you can go about this 1 of 2 ways. You can either cut the end off the wall wart and solder the wires directly to the battery terminals on the shuffler or you can buy the DC power jack that the Wall-wart needs to plug into the device and solder that to the battery terminals. Either way it would be best to open up the unit and solder it to the terminals on the inside. Cut a small hole in the side of the shuffler to allow for the DC jack/cable to come out and your all set.
How many batteries ? Replacing them with a wall-wart power supply would be pretty easy.


If i recall it's a 4 or 6 AA battery arrangement, so a simple 6 or 9v power adapter would do the trick.