Does anyone know how to disable an xbox live gamertag?

Last night someone stole my 360 and my playstation 2 and PSP, laptop, and TV.  I don't need to worry about anything except my 360 right now because that automatically signs me into Xbox live.

So I need to figure out how to disable my xbox live account so the thieves don't use it anymore. Anyone know what they are doing?  If it helps, I still have the PC version of Halo 2, so I can sign into xbox live using that game since its on a "Games for windows" platform.

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You could try killing yourself, there is a chip in your brain that goes off whenever your heart ceases to beat for more than 48 hours. When this chip goes off, it automatically sends a signal to the nearest internet connection which then goes onto the Xbox Live network and disables your account.
DJ Radio (author)  TwistedParadox7 years ago

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The Jamalam7 years ago

Use that website to sign in with your email, and then disable the account from there.
DJ Radio (author)  The Jamalam7 years ago
I've tried that but I can't find a way to disable it from there.
Randomguy657 years ago

What lemonie said.

Sry that happended. :(

First off, I'm sorry. Second you might be able to disable it from the Microsoft website. Third how did it happen? Did you leave a window open or something?
Ignore that i read the topic. Do you have a thick door?
DJ Radio (author)  Millawi Legend7 years ago
The front door is very thick.  At least an inch and a half.  My bedroom door is around an inch.  They broke through both.
Haave you rung whe police?
DJ Radio (author)  Millawi Legend7 years ago
Yes, but they cant get the stuff back unless it gets sold at a pawn shop or something.
Bump look below genius
no, he's just going to let them get away with it without reporting it...........
DrWeird1177 years ago
Well, if you know anyone on your friends list in the real world, go to their place and see what you're account is playing or when it was last on. I can't imagine this happening anywhere in 'Ousiana except New Orleans.
lemonie7 years ago
How about just changing the password, here:

Or tell Microsoft the thing's been nicked, give them the crime number and officer's details, ask if they'll report anyone trying to use your account, with their IP address:

DJ Radio (author)  lemonie7 years ago
The first one is totally useless since you have to go into the xbox menus to change the password according to them which I obviously can't do.
I don't use XBox live, but since you didn't say the second one was useless, it that an option? You know how tight-arsed Microsoft can be about things, they might be interested in fighting petty-crime?

DJ Radio (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Ok I'll give em a call.
builder9687 years ago
First, change your password, like Lemonie said. Then, call your local police, not 911(that'll get you in a lot of trouble), and have them ping the IP address. Then, they can find where it is, assuming, you're not signed out, and then they'll arrest the guy and you'll get your Xbox, PS2, PSP, laptop, and television back.