Does anyone know how to do kiragami (the japanese art of paper cutting?)

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Ryte7 years ago

Hi rilan,
welcome to kirigami addicts. I started to do kirigami since last summer and got two kids involved. They are 8 and 10 years old and started to cut paper projects since then. They used just a ruler and x-acto knife to do the cuts. They made over 30 projects and exposed them at a local library. It was an article about their work in a local newspaper. To make story short I would suggest to go and buy a wonderful book The Paper Architect: Fold-It-Yourself Buildings and Structures by Marivi Garrido and Ingrid Siliakus. You can use the patterns in a book and copy them to make wonderful creations or go on YouTube and find some ideas there. Good luck!

Furloy7 years ago
 guardian fox is right. saying how to do kirigami is basicaly like saying how to walk of how to live. kirigami is art and art is sopposed to be from your mind. take a peice of paper, fold it to make a cool shape and cut it up to make it look like sompthing. thats kiragami...
ImaPCA8 years ago
Just to give you an idea about kirigami...remember those snowflakes everyone has made as a kid? That is kirigami. Klutz has a book (with paper and directions) on this subject. It is fairly easy to do as I taught a bunch of Brownies how to do it. Good luck! Another papercutting cutting "creation" is called scherenschnitte...this is like a silhouette picture (the cutting is done from one paper and mounted onto another...It is considered to be a folk art type of craft (especially with the PA dutch). The place to begin would be the local library or even a craft store.
Kirigami is the term for a combination of origami (strictly folding) and cutting... I usually think of pop-up books as an example of this, although it's in no way limited by that. Search instructables for "paper" and see many many things people do with paper. Some of them can be considered Kirigami, others are other things. Mon-Kiri is the japanese art of paper cutting... and it is just that, an art. You take a knife or scissors and cut pieces of paper away until you're left with what its hopefully a piece of art. Noone can tell you what you must be left with. Just like a painting, YOU create the image. To do papercutting in two dimensions you can go about it two ways. You can design and draw your design on a piece of paper first and carefully cut out the voids, or you can take a pair of scissors and just start cutting until a design forms. Either way, practice many times with waste-paper from newspapers, magazines, used computer paper, etc... before you start cutting into a $10 sheet of expensive craft paper. The tools you'll need are: A pencil. A hobby knife + self healing mat or a glass cutting board. A pair of sharp pointed scissors of good quality and small size. Sorry I can't give better details than that... Is there a specific project you're looking for?
rilan (author)  DELETED_GuardianFox8 years ago
Thanks! I'll take a peek at the paper items.. Not in particular:) I would just be interested to start learning some of the techniques and tricks. I wouldn't even know where to begin.