Does anyone know how to fix a flyback transformer core??

Hi. I recently took apart an old CRT and removed the flyback to experiment with the high voltage output. Unfortunately, the core cracked when I was working with it. A sizable chunk even came off, but I reattached it by carefully fitting it in the slot and gluing it in place. Now the output voltage is much less spectacular from which I have seen other people do with the same transformer! It works, but I think the damaged core is where the problem is coming form. Does anyone know how to repair it better then what I managed to do? Thanks!

ARJOON7 years ago
yeah. i also got the same problem. make sure that the core is placed very carefully inplace. don't apply glue between the core joint. make sure after you placed the core you don't see any line between the broken core joints.

take care

lemonie7 years ago

It's bust. Get another and be more careful with it.

Re-design7 years ago
You did about all that can be done.