Does anyone know how to forward router ports? I realy need help!

I need to forward my router ports to host a Garrys mod server can anyone help me?

Willard2.08 years ago
First go into the start menu and select 'run'.  Then type in 'cmd'.  This will open a dos window.  Type in 'ipconfig' and look for the 'default gateway' value.  If you have a Dlink router it should be:   Once you have found the number, then open up your internet browser (IE, firefox, Opera, ect...) and enter the number into the address bar.  It will take you to your router's software page and it may ask for the system password.  If you have never logged on before, the username is probably 'Admin' and leave the password blank.  Find the firewall settings and click where it says something about the exceptions.  Enter the port(s) that you want to forward.  Make sure to save changes.

west49rules (author)  Willard2.07 years ago
Thanks for the help man! :D
No problem.  Glad to help.

juanoporras8 years ago
hey man this is a good page to start with,
find your router or modem brand and model ant the page will tell you what to do step by step.

hope this helps.