Does anyone know how to identify a ring?

I have a ring but i dont know what kind so could anyone please tell me if they know a way to identify it, Thanks.

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rickharris5 years ago
It may have a hall mark - You can look it up on the internet.

Other than that post some pictures.

I have no clue what type of wedding ring this is but it has 16 diamonds around 7 diamonds (kinda like a halo ring style I guess) it's vintage an I can't read what the markings are inside the band so i have no clue if it's platinum or white gold or silver. If anyone can help me with this please do my email is thanks...

LynnaeS1 year ago

i have a ring ancient, indian it has two indians embellished into the ring its a pure sliver ring

medallion was made separate and pressed into the ring its of a male and female indian in wedding i beleive just need to know the tribe cherokee or apache etc... and the age of the ring...


hey anyone can help identify this ring I found email me

BrandonJ741 year ago

what kind of ring is this it's 14k

BrandonJ741 year ago
Jmb173271 year ago

i don't know if you can see it.

Jmb173271 year ago

There is a diamond shape on the inside. I have tried to look it up but can't find the shape shape has the one on this ring. It's shaped like this with the tiniest something inside . <> I need Superman eyes.

Jmb173271 year ago

Not sure what type of ring this is. It was my grandmothers. Would anyone know?

WalterW381 year ago
WalterW381 year ago
HelenH451 year ago
HelenH451 year ago

I need to know what kind of ring is this.

MaxH371 year ago
TBabyA1 year ago

hi can you please tell me what kind of ring this is

AmberL312 years ago

Anyone know what kind of ring this is

AmberL312 years ago

can anyone help on telling me what kind of ring this is and how much it is worth. All I know is it says 925 on the inside.

AmberL312 years ago
TrinityM42 years ago
Moooon2 years ago
NikkiM52 years ago
LanaP22 years ago

i know it was bought from wal mart but i need help finding it to buy it again

fmills2 years ago

Can Someone Help Me Identify My Ring I Got OverSeas... ....Thanks

nate fred ring.jpgnate fred whole ring.jpg
LindaH142 years ago

can anyone help I have no clue what it is

LindaH142 years ago
KyleH42 years ago

what type of ring is this how much is it worth

KyleH42 years ago
JenniferY22 years ago
BrittanyG13 years ago

can anyone tell me what kind of ring this is


it's 10k made in india


what kind of ring is this and is it worth anyt

rburr852134 years ago
I have a ring that I do not know what kind it is. Can someone plz tell me all the details of Iit and the value
orgaleader5 years ago
Hi i also have a ring i got from my father years ago and i dont really know how to identify it and value it. I tried on a couple of jewellerers a couple of times but they looked at me in suspicion and did not want to value it ;) maybe i looked guilty to them ;) I am posting some images for anyone that is willing to offer some help
canucksgirl5 years ago
What are you trying to identify? the metal? or the gemstones?
tastur26 (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
i want to identify both
So, do you still need help? (I see you marked the question as answered already).
kelseymh5 years ago
If it's round, then it's a ring. Otherwise, it's a polygon.

If you've got a bunch of voluptuous blond women wearing horned helmets hanging around, it's probably one of the Rings of the Nibelungs.

And if you've got a lot of short hairy-toed folks and a guy in a white dress, PUT THE RING DOWN AND MOVE AWAY SLOWLY, WITH YOUR HANDS UP>
put the ring on... its calling to you :)
Yes, hence the expression "listen for the ring tone"

Vyger5 years ago
There are ways to get it appraised. A pawn shop would be a good place to start. Since they purchase a lot of jewelry they are pretty good at telling if something is genuine. I don't think they will charge you anything for their service. Just tell them that you are thinking of pawning it and you want to have an idea of what you can get.
A second opinion would be a jewelry store. But their main interest is going to be in selling you stuff so any value they put on it might be pretty low.
If either of the first 2 tell you its worth something then try to get it confirmed by an insurance company that insures that kind of thing. They will be able to give you a pretty accurate value because that is what they want to insure it for.

I am associating identifying with value. If they determine that it doesn't have much value then they aren't going to be interested in giving you any info on it.

Don't go to a place that melts gold down to recover it because they don't care what it is or looks like. To them the only value is in the metal.
Posting a picture is a REAL help here.....