Does anyone know how to keep a monitor on without pc?

I want to use the ccfl backlight as a light source for various goals, like a drawing box or secondary light for macro photography.

I know i want to remove the tft sheet to keep the ccfl backlight in white. But when you switch on a monitor, it auto enter in saving-mode without a vga signal.

How i can simulate this signal and keep it on? Thanks.

SOLVED!!! the monitor have three capacitors blowed. I changed and now it runs ok. so, IHave an old without-brand very bad 17" monitor stored.



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ARJOON7 years ago
try shorting the vga connector with a series of resistors. it might light up.

the best value would be a 10k, but you can also use potentiometers
Niord (author)  ARJOON7 years ago
You know which pins may i need to short??
ARJOON Niord7 years ago
usually it would be the first one and last one. if nothing happens connect a power source to it. las pin +ve and first pin -. start with a very low current. use a voltage of about 3.3v at first. by using a 10k pot increase the current until it turns on the screen. i've never tried it but give it a try. it may also not work. but just give it a try. i don't know if it can damage internal circuit. that why i will recommend you to start with a low current;
Since you have to open it up to remove the TFT, what are the connections to the CFL backligh controller ? Odds on its three pins, two will be a supply, the third the switch. See what voltages are on that connector.

It seems like an awful waste of energy when you can use a CFL bulb to accomplish the same thing.
I think they want the display as an extended even illumination source, so a naked CFL won't do what they want.
I didn't mean random CFL dangling somewhere, but maybe something like this
Niord (author)  AngryRedhead7 years ago
Good idea, but i want something more compact, and goodlooking.
Throw your linens inside and stuff it under your bed, or build a more attractive wooden box with a frosted glass top and hang it on your wall as a modern wall sconce when not in use. You'll have to use or build a box one way or another.
Niord (author) 7 years ago
NEWS!! I wan`t to do this:

Only the lcd light part. Somebody can explain or scheme this circuit??
seandogue7 years ago
Failing a simple change of monitor settings via the desktop, try entering the bios settings (hardware settings) of the monitor to disable power savings mode. There are often buttons on the front of a standalone monitor with which you can enter hardware settings. Check it's manual or check online for one if you don't have. I operate a pair of older CRT monitors, one of which is becoming somewhat sketchy. I had to disable power saving mode in it because it loses sync
Niord (author)  seandogue7 years ago
I want to use it without pc, so i can`t enter in bios. lcd is broken...
Niord (author) 7 years ago
i haven`t open it. I don`t have time to do it.
When i open and test, i say something. Thanks for the speedy answers!
NatNoBrains7 years ago
Have you tried going through the settings of the monitor?