Does anyone know how to make a cheap dog tracking device that can be worn around the collar??

Got a dog that likes to run with the Deer, and fortunately we have found him everytime after a couple of days. Would have been easier if we knew which direction he had gone though. Perhaps he will never learn.

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Great news is have a look at raspberry pi and ardunio boards (pretty sure I've spelt that wrong.)

If your clever and do some research you can build a gps tracking device using code from libraries and the gps chips used in phones. You can also buy small gps units specifically for these systems pretty cheap these days.

Basically any gps used to control drone quad-copters will do the trick.

Can even be programmed to notify you via FB when he strays a certain distance from home base if you include a basic SIM card. You can then create a FB account for the collar that will message both you PC and phone.

My partner is just starting to work on a concept design in the next few months as his time and money allow as we have roaming cat problem.

I'll try and make him remember to post his experience with it on here.

Basic kit and tutorial for coding and assembling the board.

This is one of the models of board that has gps stuff included.

Kiteman4 years ago
As long as your dog isn't called Fenton...

macduff45 (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
I have heard about this Fenton ......... still got to see it yet. Thanks for the repl
onrust4 years ago
After he has been recovered, let him wear a cow bell for a week. Then just let him see it or even hear it from time to time.
There is a simple solution for this. Keep him in a well fenced in yard or on a leash any time he's outdoors. Can't loose the dog if he isn't able to take of on you in the first place. Aside from that a good obedience school may help but not all breads do well with coming on command or not running off. Some just have to follow there nose or chase after that animal cause it's what there where bread to do.
klerik214 years ago
Re-design4 years ago
you can get a gps system made for dogs for about $100. I don't see how you could make it for less unless you really know what you're doing and have a great junk box.

A dog that strays like that needs to be trained or confined for his own safety.
rickharris4 years ago
This is really difficult best answer I know is to buy a commercial system.

Alternatively train your dog to return on command . Almost the most important training you can give jt