Does anyone know how to make a wifi antenna continusly emmit a signal for a science experiment?

I need it to emmit for about a month non stop at full/ almost full power. Hopefully non expensive and energy efficient.
I have a wifi thing from a laptop that I can use, or I can buy a wifi router from a store.

framistan6 years ago
When you say "radiation" you do realize the difference between NUCLEAR radiation is not the same as RADIO radiation. Some people hear that radio antennas "radiate" a signal.... and think this is "radiation" in the nuclear sense. They are not the same.
ANDY! (author)  framistan6 years ago
rickharris6 years ago
What frequency do you expect to transmit on?

Do you expect to transmit any data?

Why wifi?

What do you need to do with the transmitted information?

My router for example is never turned off. It transmits who is there calls at intervals all the time.

orksecurity6 years ago
Why wifi? Why not just a radio transmitter putting out a carrier wave?