Does anyone know how to make an assassin's creed hidden knife that also had the activation ring with it?

ive seen alot of assassin's creed hidden blades but none of them have the acctivation ring does anyone know how to make a hidden blade that has a working activation ring?

I got a blueprint that shows how the actual Hidden Blade works. I also made an upgrade to the design, so you won't accidentaly release the blade.
Can i have these?? would be appreciated greatly
same here
hey can you send me the blue prints at i would really like to make one.
hey man you should make one and upload it onto here
can u send me the blue prints @
really apreciate it + ill give you credit
Hey sorry idk if you still have them but is there anyway you could email the blueprints to me? Thank you so much.
please could you send it to me too my email is
do u think u could email me hose blueprints as well becus i have always wanted to make an actual hidden blade ever since the first game just becus its the coolest weapon i have ever seen. my email is

may i see these as well. i want to try to at least make a harmless version.
Could you also send me the blueprints as well? I would like to be able to hang it up on my wall =3.
My email is
Hey would you be able to email me those blue prints I wanna try it out and prove to my room mate it's possible ha I'd realy appreciate this thanks Ricky
Follow this link for a video tutorial on how to make what you are looking for
Delta9605 years ago
Check my instructable out, it might be what your looking for, my activation ring is just string and you may need to make adjustments to get it to work, but its the basic idea. Hope it helps you out
miskan Delta9603 years ago
can u send me the blue prints @
really apreciate it + ill give you credit
mohawk935 years ago
i am in the process of making altair's hidden blade and ezio's hidden blade. i have schmatics for both.but give me some time for i need to get all of the parts.
miskan mohawk933 years ago
can u send me the blue prints @
really apreciate it + ill give you credit
Hey could you also mail the schematics to me? I'm really interested in building one!
Thanks Marian
Hey could u email me those schematics I'm interested in buildin one I wanna show my dumb roommate that it's possible he doesnt think so so I'd really appreciate this so we can prove him wrong
cryptex5 years ago
yo all you need is a metal rod like a metal verson of dowlin on string as a catch