Does anyone know how to make beads for hemp jewelery out of bottle caps?

I like making hemp jewelery and I would like to make some beads out of ald bottle caps. Can anyone help me out with that?

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samthor6 years ago
if it matters to anyone, glass bottle beads owns a patent on the process and tools to make them. i don't want anyone getting into trouble.
mae0606697 years ago
My guess is that a drill press was used. They can punch metal and have force to be able to mold aluminum over a domed form. I'd take the idea to a metalshop for confirmation. But to get exact pieces continuously, you have to have a machine to perform a lot of the work for you. If they can, you'd have to be able to pay for the dies to be made for the job.
I've also seen people punch a hole in the top and use them as pendants.
The ones i have seen involve 2 bottle caps, they press each bottle cap onto a form that makes it semi-spherical. Then they sand off the paint around the edge of the cap. After that they use lead-free solder to attach the semi spheres together. Finally they finish it up by drilling a hole through each side. If you dont mind flat beads, you could probably get by without the form, and just forcibly fit two bottle caps together, sand and then solder. I may attempt to form this into a coherent 'ible, as I am an avid macrame' enthusiast.
Forgot to mention, before pressing it into the domed semi-sphere, the fringe of the cap is cut off.
a23kiki238 years ago
I have been looking for the answer to this for a while. There is a store in Madison, WI that sells the beads that I have been able to look at, but I have yet to figure out how they do it.