Does anyone know how to make "tie-dyed" looking paper using paint, word, publisher or some other free graphic program?

I want to create a tie-dyed mat and/or background for some pics I am framing without having to buy some "specialty" papers or using dyes, inks or shaving cream.

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boorob8 years ago
Use some watercolors, several different colors that you like together, add water, take your brush and randomly cover your paper, let dry and you have a neat tie-die background . This works well on fabric, I use a tight woven muslin for my art work . You can find the muslin at Wal-Mart or any fabric store. It's usually in the quilting fabrics. Have fun. Oh, yes. Once it's dry, iron to set your color, even if you use paper.
kelseymh8 years ago
Take a look at some of Superjustin18's I'bles. You might even contact him directly for advice.
Stevedaoust8 years ago
One simpler method: Select your FAV tie-die and head for the nearest SCANNER. Scan image into YOUR PC photo file to OBJECT INSERTING when writing then printing documents. Also, see if your DOCUMENT WRITING file has a BACKGROUND SAVE/Create program. One last, scan, print up, take to your local PRINT SHOP and have them print up a stack of.... using THIS when you load your printer paper(s).
rpawlowski (author) 8 years ago
Thanks, plasma factal is exactly what I'm looking for - now does anyone know which of the factal programs is the easiest to work with?
Why not use tie-dyed cloth for the mat instead of paper?
I think you are looking for the plasma fractal, which most fractal programs should be able to create for you.