Does anyone know how to network several computers together to work as one single unit?

If any of you do know of how to do so, or if it is even possible, any information on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

Linking together more than a few computers is definitely possible, but not a job you want to undertake without some serious research first.

There are many examples of distributed computing.

It can be done with a grid or a cluster, among other methods.

For example, one can make a Beowulf cluster to link together many cheap old computers together into one supercomputer.
Here's the starting point you'll need:

Everything you'll need is available from these folks.

I have used this but have no affiliation with OSCAR team.
caitlinsdad8 years ago
That's a technique called clustering or "distributed computing". Search using those terms. It taps into computers "free cpu cycles" or when it is idle o the network. There are a lot of distributed computing clients that you can run but they were developed by people to solve things like DNA sequences, genome folding, etc.