Does anyone know if an IO-bridge module is a microcontroller, or just a bridge to the internet?

Would you need an additional microcontroller, such as an arduino, or could you control servos and lights directly from the IO-Bridge module?

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lemonie8 years ago
You'd need an additional unit. An IO bridge module handles data, unless it's specifically designed for servos and lights it's not the right tool for the job. L
gmxx lemonie8 years ago
see my answer... it uses specially designed modules to hook up servos and lights...
lemonie gmxx8 years ago
I read "IO bridge" as a generic term, didn't Google for a specific device. I tend to think that if people know what they're asking the question about they'll have been to the associated web-site and not asked the question... Still, your answer seems to be broadly in line with what I was thinking - thanks for the info. L
gmxx lemonie8 years ago
no problem.... i would have read it the same way had i not owned the device.
gmxx8 years ago
i own one, and its a little bit of both. it is a micro controller, you can't reprogram the internal chip. instead all programing is handled through the internet on the iobridge website. you then use modules to wire up servos and lights, as seen on you can use the serial module to hook up an arduino, allowing an almost limitless possibility.
gmxx gmxx8 years ago
btw... iobridge is a user here on instructables.