Does anyone know if there is a UV-type (blacklight) EL wire available?

If so, where can I get it?
If not, what option currently available produces the strongest "blacklight" effect on neon or UV reactive materials? (Glow in the dark type stuff) 

I want to outline the brim of a cavalier hat with an EL wire that will make blacklight reactive make-up glow for Halloween.

Any help is appreciated.

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kelseymh7 years ago
When you did your Google search for "UV EL wire," you probably already found out that it doesn't exist. It's not obvious that you need a continuous strand for illumination. A set of 4-6 LEDs, with good diffusers, should suffice for you awesome glowing makeup idea.
SMBonante (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
Hubby says that this will be a doable option, we just need to acquire the parts.
Good luck! UV LEDs should be easy to come by (Google is your friend :-), and there are several "LED calculators" online which can tell you what resistors to use given your power supply, LED types, and so on.
This is a late answer; so for future makers doing similar projects, please verify that the wavelength of the LEDs that you find are in a safe range for human eyes!

Many (maybe all, I don't know) UV LEDs emit radiation at wavelengths that can permenently damage your eyes! Do your homework before mounting UV LEDs next to your eyes.

Do you happen to know if purple El wire emit any uv radiation?