Does anyone know of a electric air conditioner that runs off of the cars D/C or using a A/C converter

does any one know of a air conditioner that could be used in a car, that runs off of the D/C current of a car of using a converter to use A/C power. I am trying to aircondition my car without using all the gas from when the compressor is on. Any ideas or suggestions? possible even solar energy if anyone knows enough about this.

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vangelis3 years ago

There are some Chinese manufacturers I saw in AliBaba:

Doko8 years ago
There is many cars that use air conditioners running purely on electricity today. Almost all the hybrids have it. Try to buy a Toyota Prius used air conditioner system (inverter + compressor + heat exchangers), if you are in US it will not be hard to find it. You will need also an DC to DC converter to obtain the DC voltage that this compressors need from the batteries (tipically over 100V). Another possibility is to buy a standard 115V room air conditioner and use it with an powerful 12 to 115V inverter. The problem with this approach is that standard air conditioners are not designed to shake a lot, so the life of them when used in mobile applications is very limited. It is also possible to drive the standard air conditioner in your car with an independent electric motor, not from the main engine of the car, but this motor is not a small one... You will need a 1 or 2 Hp motor to do that. And remember that car air conditioners (like many other car parts) are designed to work for just 5000 hours. So if you run it for 8 hours per day or so the AC will last only for 600 days of so. Forget about solar energy... You will need a solar panel bigger than your car do have energy enough to run the air conditioner. Yes, air conditioning uses A LOT of energy. If you will use it just during the night, the air conditioning will need a 100 A.hour battery or more to do the job if the main engine is off. During the day the power consumption is tremendous due to the radiating energy from the Sun, so you will need three of four times more energy (you need a truck battery to do that). This problem with the power levels is the reason why the automobile industry has chosen to run the AC directly from the engine. And also the reason why when you turn on the airco, the consumption of the motor increases... No possibility of free lunches in nature...
rbarzin Doko5 years ago
its very interesting, actually we are looking for very low power air conditioning system (as powerfull as a normal car) for research application with low price.
it should run purely on electricity.
we need to use it in our model houses (they will not be moving). could you suggest us
JoeyCool5 years ago
Don't know if this will help you, but . . .
Grassroots EV has an electric A/C unit for EV cars (for the EV Hobbyist) called COOL BLUE which is claimed to use only 500 watts (120v 60Hz AC). coupled with the (I think) BLUE FLASH (DC/AC Inverter); this should get you in the ball park.
Also: a 12 D.C volt to 120 A.C. Volt Inverter from the may have the inverter you are looking for. I would recommend at least a 1000W to 1500W inverter for the COOL BLUE unit. This DC to AC Inverter would change the 12volt from the car to the necessary 120VAC that the COOL BLUE unit needs. (the higher power rating is for safety purposes).
Remember that you would need to use a considerable amount of power from the car's electrical system to power the DC to AC inverter (500W at 12v = aprox. 49A, and at 90% efficiency probably 55A) This IS a lot of current.
My disclaimer: Always consult the manufacturer(s) of both the car and the COOL BLUE unit on this idea to see if this is feasable.

robosan6 years ago
I wish I knew how. But let me tell you. There is a car that is not yet in production which has a small cabin and possibly good insulation, and because of that, they are able to keep the cabin cool with a smaller AC unit that is powered by a small solar panel on the roof. I am not sure how cool it gets, but they claim is good enough. I haven't seen any tests under 115 degree sun, though. And I sure hope it lasts longer than the 5000 hours that Doko, above, states.

Check it out, anyway.

Also, think insulating the car ceiling, doors and walls, and put reflective film on your windows. In southern florida you will have a hard time finding a car which doesn't have some kind of heat and UV reflective film installed. Still, I constantly see cars in parking lots with the engine on and ac at full blast, and kids watching a movie and waiting for mom to finish shopping. We can't change people, but a solution to this problem would cut a ton of CO2 emissions.
Might look into something like this. This unit doesn't have a housing or anything and already hooks up to 12 volt. I'm not sure what the specs are for air movement/ cooling capacity, there are specs there, but it's a foreign language to me. So far, I haven't found a commercial product using this, but maybe I haven't looked hard enough. I think these were designed for computer server towers.
Tommy W7 years ago!/

You dan make on using Peltier thermoelectric plate... it's using 12v DC directly..
maybe this link will help you...
How are you using this car ? Is it stationary when you need to use the air-con ? And near a power point ? Power levels: A car aircon, on full, I'd guess, is probably 600W - 1000W of cooling. If you have the space, you could add a means of running the air con by beltdriving the thing with another motor, clutched to the air-con compressor by an electric clutch, like the car uses to turn ON the air con ?
lemonie8 years ago
Using a DC to AC converter and another unit is going to be less efficient then using the car's own Air-Con'. If you can get a decent solar power supply: feed it into the battery. L