Does anyone know of a green cooling method/solution? Maybe to cool a small caravan sized area...

calaman (author) 8 years ago
lol, Since its been nearly 12months CamSS maybe you could handle another question... How long does a esky (cooler for everyone not from Ozstralia) of ice last yuo? I 'spose using it in a car you wouldnt use it for all that long
110100101108 years ago
add shadow to it by stretching shadow net on poles (put inverted buckets on the poles so they wont tear the net) experiment with adding air tunnel to get more wind in the area use big fan to blow wind thru the area (find a condenser unit of air conditioner in a junkyard etc and wire electricity only to the fan motor and its capacitor)
CameronSS8 years ago
If it's outdoors, a fine mist sprayed into the air will help cool the air-it feels cool when the water hits your skin, and they cool the air as they evaporate.

If it's inside, *cough*
Cooling by evaporation of water is one way to blanket an outdoor area.