Does anyone know of a tutorial for using a single RGB LED with an Arduino Duemilanove?

 I want to run a 4 legged RGB LED off of my Arduino, and do color mixing, but I cannot find a tutorial for this small project. All I really need is the sketch and maybe a schematic.

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 I wrote something to test an RGB led with 3 10k pots, could be tweaked for other values, PWM values based on analog ins. I based it on the AnalogInOutSerial sketch, without the serial stuff and with more variables for the other colors.
Rob K7 years ago
I have always liked this site when messing with RGB LEDs
Grathio8 years ago
<a href="">This one </a>showed up at the top of the "Related" list on the right.<br /> <br /> I've had great luck with <a href="">oomlout</a>'s kits and tutorials.<small> (though I haven't done this one.)<br /> </small><br />
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
i can't help you with programming, but i could possibly help with the scematic..

do you have a picture of the LED?
jbyrns1993 (author)  Sandisk1duo8 years ago
 yes, it is a 5mm tri-color LED