Does anyone know of how to make any type of screens(display screen), or any other cool,simple electronic projects?

I am always looking for some cool, simple, electronics projects. Please recommend some electronics projects and how to do them.

Connecting a small LCD display to a computer's parallel port is cheap, easy, and useful. Just google parallel port LCD and read. You could build the display into the case, or mount it in something unlikely. There's lots of software that supports this kind of display; it could display the current song title, instant messages, date/time, computer conditions (like drive space, temperature, CPU or network usage), you name it. Here's a warped idea that crawled into my mind: LEDs are so bright now that you could make displays that project onto walls or ceilings. Like a digital clock; wire up the digits in mirror image and use a magnifying glass lens. Or, use an audio bar graph driver chip like the LM3916 and you've got a light show.
Get a whole bunch of leds and charlie plex them or buy a couple of seven segment displays and do the rest
beak908 years ago
Well there's tons of electronics projects all over the internet. A great place to find them is Make magazine and they're blog. The instructables website is also full of them. A great simple project is the mousey the junk bot project. You can check out the propeller which is a microcontroller that many people use to output to tvs. You can also use the arduino to control a little lcd. There's tons of other electronics projects on the weekend projects podcast from Make and on Make Television. Just start looking around and googling stuff and I'm sure you'll find a lot.