Does anyone know the best place to get a peltier unit?

I would like one, but don't know where I should get it from.  I can get them from hong kong on ebay, but I don't like to have stuff shipped internationally.

Jayefuu3 years ago
Farnell, RS Electronics, Rapid Electronics, Digikey and eBay all sell them. They might also be listed under TEC or Thermoelectric Cooler.

If you want good performance, don't just buy a cheap one, look for one that comes lapped and sealed otherwise the ceramic wont be flat. *insert Steveastrouk here with comments about lessons learned in my dissertation*
furrysalamander (author)  Jayefuu3 years ago
I wish that melcor company or whatever was still around, apparently they offered samples of their products.
Burf3 years ago sells them for less than $10 but they are bare units. You'll need a big, honking heat sink, thermal compound and possibly a fan to complete it.