Does anyone know the make, model and year for this car?

Does anyone know the year, make and model of this beauty? Thank you.

Picture of Does anyone know the make, model and year for this car?
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canucksgirl2 years ago
1964 Chevy Impala Convertible.

(I drive a Chevy Impala.... just not the 1964 convertible). :)
blkhawk (author)  canucksgirl2 years ago
There is something cute about a girl that knows about cars. ;-)
Kiteman blkhawk2 years ago
Down boy!

(I think you need to hit the "best" button.)
My father taught me a lot about cars. :-)
kelseymh2 years ago
Damn :-( Canucksgirl beat me. I tried doing an image search, with no luck. Then I realized that your original image was giant enough to solve the problem. Zoom in on the rear quarter panel and you can clearly read the IMPALA mark.

Then Google Images "1960's impala convertible" will get you there.

Page 4 has a great side view of a red one, where you can see the section of side trim missing from yours.

Are you thinking of buying it? Sweet!
blkhawk (author)  kelseymh2 years ago
I would if I could! It is beautiful. It was being used as a sort of wedding carriage for a wedding.