Does anyone know the wiring of a radio transformer?

the title says it all

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So its just a power transformer from an old radio ?

You can't make a Tesla from that I'm afraid.

2tautges (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
 Even if i can't make a tesla out of it i still want to know the wiring.
JimFlo 2tautges7 years ago
How many wires going in and out, and do you have a picture? Does it have any writing on it?  What radio did it come out of? How big and how much does it weigh? You will need a volt/ohm meter and some electrical knowledge. You have us shooting in the dark here.
2tautges (author)  JimFlo7 years ago
 two come in from the socket and three go into the actual radio. it was my sisters old girl scouts boom box. i didn't make a careful sketch but i know that it was the power supply. and jim, what electrical knowledge and what do i do with the volt/ohm meter because i already have one
Don't ask us ! You took it out of the equipment, and made careful sketch of where the wires went. Didn't you ? 

And your question clearly stated exactly which radio you had pulled the transformer out of, model numbers and the like. Didn't it ? 

JimFlo7 years ago
Which transformer? For a  transmitter, receiver, incoming power, impedence matching,?? Give us a clue, the title must be whispering if it said it all.
2tautges (author)  JimFlo7 years ago
 Sorry. I meant the incoming power. I ripped it out of a radio and want to make a small tesla coil.
JimFlo 2tautges7 years ago
Yeah, an old step down transformer probably. I agree with steve, but if the insulation is in good shape hang on to it for future projects. BEWARE when you start hanging on to stuff women get mad and your house starts to look like a Sanford and Sons re-run. Maby you should recycle it for the copper....