Does anyone know to build a power supply for el wire?

I'd like to make it slim and store power from a solar cell during the day.

guyfrom7up8 years ago
i know people on this website don't like to buy stuff, but for el wire it's sooo much easier to just buy a power supply. Depending on you wire, you basically need a high frequency (kilohertz range) high voltage (around 200vac maybe?) powersupply.
gmxx guyfrom7up8 years ago
I usually like to build my own things too. Except when it is going to be: easier/cheaper/better to buy the component. Considering cooliht is selling el wire inverters for less than 10 bucks, i would tend to lead towards that option.
gmxx8 years ago
im not sure why you wouldn't buy it.
is the inverter you will need for el wire to function.

To add the solar charger:
Wire the input of the inverter to a battery, and attach the battery to a solar charging circuit.