Does anyone know what could cause an Xbox 360 not to read any of the games disc and how it could be fixed?

My Xbox 360 is having problems reading any games  that are put in. Every time a disc is in, it doesn't show the game's picture and says "Open Tray". Does anyone have an idea as to what could cause this and is there a way to fix this myself? Please help.

Vyger6 years ago
If its a standard CD or DVD drive then you can just replace it. They are cheap, under $30.00 for a DVD burner. Its not unusual for those drives to die, often the lasers just burn out.
Vyger6 years ago
My son said not to be an X box addict and move up to PC gaming where the real gamers play. His comments, not mine.
yokozuna6 years ago
Did you see this instructable in the related field to the right?