Does anyone know what to do with a ps2 (thin ones)(laser burned out)?

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Chrizlax8 years ago
Use it as a tiny linux server / media streamer, using and an external usb hard disk. Might need a bit of work though, so I wouldn't recommend it if you dont know much about linux.
grundisimo (author)  Chrizlax8 years ago
What did you want me to read on that page? Could you please read that again and maybe write a summary on how to do that?
Ah sorry, I should have read the websites own FAQ as apparently it doesnt work with slim ps2s. Sorry for wasting your time ;)
Bardouv8 years ago
smashing stuff with hammers always works for me. If you want to keep the PS2 you should listen to ve2vfd though.
grundisimo (author)  Bardouv8 years ago
I have always liked smashing things with hammers. If i can't fix it successfully i will smash it, take a video, and show it to you.
ve2vfd8 years ago
You could probably fix it with a new laser module for around $10 from places like or ebay.
grundisimo (author)  ve2vfd8 years ago
What if i took it apart yesterday and found out the cooling fan doesn't work either? (found out the laser was burned out from some guy i don't know that works at gamestop (or one of those places like that)). That answer was a good answer though (stupid inspector guy said it would cost $1000 to fix).