Does anyone know where I can find plans for a bicycle powered washing machine?

I've seen old pictures of the contraptions at work but need detailed plans on the gearing, inside of the barrel, and the basin in which it sits. I volunteer at a site where we don't have the standard washer/dryer hookups and if I could get and make this, it would save us a couple of hundred dollars in laundry bills. Also plans for a decent water filter to separate the dirty, soapy junk in the water so I could send the filtered water down the storm drain would be great.

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very simple. there are two approaches you can take onto this, neither as good or efficient as powering a washing machine by power!

the first thing you could try is hooking up the bike chain to a generator, and power your washing machine as normal from that, or, hook the chain directly up to the motor in the washing machine, and also connect a small generator to pump water, open valves ect, it doesnt use much power, a 9v would work. and thats it. done, you essentially take over the role of the motor and thats it, the washing machine does the rest, such aas adding water and soap and whatever the hell its suposed to do. just find out where the main power inputs are.

rickharris6 years ago
I hate to break this to you BUT you can wash by hand you know!! You don't actually need the machine - just a big enough sink or bowl and some washing powder.

After all peoples in less electricity/machine oriented areas have been washing in rivers with a couple of stones for millennia.
How about wind power instead ?
Re-design6 years ago
Make magazine had one a few issues back.

They have a website.
kelseymh6 years ago
Are any of the responses to the same question from two years ago helpful?
Kiteman6 years ago
I would ask this question in the forums, and give folk a chance to bounce ideas around and work something out for you.