Does anyone know where I can get cardboard tube that is 6"-8" diameter?

I've tried carpet stores, but they're only about 4", so not big enough.  It's for something like this

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Where are you in the world ?
davidspd (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
In the UK. I assumed cardboard would be cheapest, but maybe not. Plastic might be a better idea.
In the UK I would visit B&Q when I was in there today they had plastic sewer pipe that would fit the bill (it's not cheap though)

As for cardboard tube at that size - Visit a carpet show room and ask nicely.

Otherwise find a suitable diameter former and wrap in brown parcel tape until thick enough.
Yes, probably plastic would be easier to source. When I wanted some big tube, I found somewhere in Lincolnshire that would roll them for you.

A quick Google finds people like

Kiteman6 years ago
I'm not convinced the tubes in your image are cardboard - they look like six-inch diameter drainage pipe (after all, cardboard would quickly suffer from wet shoes).

That should be relatively easy to source from a local building-materials supplier.
"Proper" Sonotube - which our west-pondian friends have, is waterproof.
Sonotube UK only does stuff for carpets.....

Re-design6 years ago
Homedepot has them. don't know what country you are in since you didn't list is on your profile.
frollard6 years ago
Try hardware/building stores -- the tubes used to line concrete/cement pilings when they're drilled in the ground -- ensures the dirt doesn't collapse into the hole until the concrete is set.
iceng frollard6 years ago
Iv used them.
We don't have them in the UK unfortunately, hence my question about WITW he is/
really?! I would have thought that's a fairly standard building material -- but you don't get the frost-heave from the ground freezing nearly as I suppose that makes sense.
Yeah, its something I've wanted to source here for various projects. There are cardboard tube makers though who can supply "custom" tubes at not very much.