Does anyone know why certain users get deleted?

Recently, I have noticed that several members have had their names changed so that "Deleted_(insertnamehere)" shows up, their account vanishes, and their profile is inaccessible. Also, I cant find their ibles. Does anyone know why they got deleted, or did they request their account get deleted?

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lemonie8 years ago
Read the TOS, and use your browser's search (it's CTRL-F for Firefox) for the word "account". There are several stated reasons why in there.


e.g. - on your account information:
Instructables has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, Instructables has the right to suspend or terminate your account
Which would cover the anonymous user you were asking about.
DJ Radio (author)  lemonie8 years ago
I guess that would be why, but I wonder why anonymous user was deleted instead of banned.
ajleece8 years ago
Because they chose to delete there ibles account. I'm thinking of deleting mine.
why do you want to leave?!?!?!?!
change your password to somthing random like
sfhcj.kwshuivkbrkjvf and set just so peopl can see your ibles
or hand it over to me 
Yeah, i'll TOTALLY hand it over to a complete n00b.
DJ Radio (author)  ajleece8 years ago
Just because. I prefer the KI community over these ibles n00bs.
DJ Radio (author)  ajleece8 years ago
at least keep your account up. Maybe they suck because they are inexperienced. I remember when you were a n00b myself.
Yes. BUT if I keep my account i'll just keep coming back.
DJ Radio (author)  ajleece8 years ago
This is such a good site, you can do stuff other than knex here.
bounty10128 years ago
it might be cause they got banned?
DJ Radio (author)  bounty10128 years ago
If they got banned, wouldnt they have a line through the name?
Bigev DJ Radio8 years ago
maybe those are the poor souls who got... permabanned...
DJ Radio (author)  Bigev8 years ago
no, there are some members that are permabanned, they have lines through their name.
DJ Radio (author)  bounty10128 years ago
someone should relay this to admins.
awesome fast response.
DJ Radio (author)  bounty10128 years ago
Im on ibles a lot.
hehe another one, btw what are the best rubber bands to use on a knex gun? Im using these weak ones and I dont get very much range.
DJ Radio (author)  bounty10128 years ago
dunno, I have sucky rubberbands myself.
No that's just your guns.
i'd use the big fat ones from broccolli.
As am I.
Me too.
Jesus. chopstx8 years ago
sop gohf giggy wiggy qiggy piggy
chopstx Jesus.8 years ago
DUDE!!! Don't you know how I am Superjustin18? My account got deleted!
DJ Radio (author)  MsPaintGradients8 years ago
SJ, your account didn't get deleted.  The admins changed your name to "Flumpkins".
Adding on to Lemonie's comment. If someone sends Instructables your death certificate, they'll delete your account.
An Villain8 years ago
did you ask this because of DELETED_DELETED_ DARTH VADER?
DJ Radio (author)  An Villain8 years ago
I know why his account got deleted, but someone called "anonymous user" got deleted.
oh, how did he get deleted?
mabe they got there name changed
DJ Radio (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak8 years ago
And get their account deleted? I don't think so.
no they keep there old acount but any links to them are cut off and there new name is used in place