Does anyone make a bicycle drive hub w TWO sprockets, one on each side w seperate clutches for an electric bike/trike?

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craftyv7 years ago
Hi I'm a recumbent rider that wants to go electric and have been searching for answers to simmilar questions. I worked in the bicycle industry to expand my knowledge base unfotunately its not that simple. For a hub to have free wheel clutches on both sides of a hub one of them has to run backwards which just isn't built. Why don't you check out Mike Schumaker's E-Recumbent project out because he's amazing!!
Actually there is. They are caled lsd hubs. They are used by some trick riders to put the chain on the left side. Not common or cheap though
Why don't you use a 3 speed internal hub and attach the motor's drivetrain to the sprocket?
Johenix (author) 7 years ago
I should have said Bike wheel hub with two ratchets/clutchs.
I phoed Ted Wojcik at Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles and he said that such a thing is made but not comon.
caarntedd7 years ago
Can you give a little more detail? I must not understand the question as it seems to be an easy to solve problem.

Do you need two sprockets/clutches on the motor or two ratchet sprockets on the wheel?
craftyv7 years ago
Sorry but i'm craftyv's son I have no monikar yet.
frollard7 years ago
I've contemplated this many times -- aparently there are a few options: One is have the motor drive chain always moving with the bike, with its associated sprocket firmly attached to the wheel hub, and have either the motor free-wheel, or have a ratchet/clutch on the motor side to stop the motor spinning.

I've even seen someone who milled their disk brake to act as a chain sprocket with some success - same thing, they just had a solid connection on both sides, no double ratchet/clutch.