Does anyone of you know a reliable pocket-size knex pistol with a mag and a rail (like on my sparcss)?

Does anyone of you know a reliable pocket-size knex pistol with a mag and a rail? With rail I mean like on my sparcss and on this knex gun: . With reliable I mean only jamless guns.

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knexsniper18 years ago
lol, yes i know a lot of pocket size pistols. this one sort of has a rail.

these are a couple that i came across. they dont really have rails, but i guess they sort of count right?
TigerNod (author)  knexsniper18 years ago
Cool, if there aren't any others that might post answers, I think I will give you the best answer. (again!) PS: The OKP has been deleted, but someone posted pictures below, I'll see if I can make it from that.
What is a railgun? I have been meaning to find out...know I can't seem to find the pictures. Will be posted in a month or 2...hopefully.
TigerNod (author)  knex_mepalm8 years ago
? Are you commenting on the wrong topic or something?
 NO I was asking what is a railgun because the question said something about a rail. And I was replying about posting the okp. It really not hard to make its like a T.
post on my orange board and if there are enough people i will reconstruct it, i still have the gun, because it was my first true trigger
If you still have it, P0$T!!!!!
sure,after i rebuild it from images
Thank you!!!!!!
Thank you! I hope you can use the other link
TigerNod (author)  knexsniper18 years ago
The OKP was EXACTLY where I was looking for, thanks!
sweet! so will i get best answer? im trying to get as many best answers as i can
TigerNod (author)  knexsniper18 years ago
Yes, you get the best answer. Congratz! Next time I have a question I'll try to contact you first.
yay!!!! i have officially answered 3 of your questions!!!!!! now im going to steal the best answer to the last one!!!!! JK