Does anyone think that a Windows Xp Parody made in microsoft power point would be a good idea?

I have been working on a microsoft powerpoint windows parody and i thought it would be an alright idea but i'm just getting someone elses opinion. It's not finished yet but it alright so far. I may make a second to refine it. I will take ideas or resources or opinions on the matter

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gmxx8 years ago
i think it is a great idea... especially if you bring in UI design elements from powerpoint and windows like they did in animator vs. animation
pk_excel (author)  gmxx8 years ago
gmxx pk_excel8 years ago
no problem... i can haz best answer? :P
pk_excel (author)  gmxx8 years ago
gmxx pk_excel8 years ago
Make a download! I want to see this!
pk_excel (author)  AlternateLives8 years ago
I'm kinda noobish at the moment. Um, how do i do i make a download
Um.......Well........yeah.....??? Tell you what. I'll give you my e-mail, and you can send me a copy! Think that will work?
fwjs288 years ago
XD , go for it as zerogx says...maybe even make a taskbar at the bottom..can't wait to see it