Does anyone want me to make an instructable on how to make string out of (stinging) nettle plants (or similar)?

 This depends on what sort of plants I can find around my house and how much revision and coursework I have to wade through.

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Kryptonite8 years ago
 May Kiteman's Zeroth  Law be with you.

Law implies: YOU MUST POST.
Kryptonite7 years ago
I'm still waiting for that string... :D
Goodhart8 years ago
Aren't they edible also?  If boiled or something.....
lemonie8 years ago
They die off then grow back. Now isn't the best time of year for fresh stringy-plants.

Kiteman8 years ago
Thou shalt post.
Re-design8 years ago
I would like to see an instructable first on how to take the sting out of nettles.
anna rox8 years ago
OMG yes! that would be really funny!!!!!! but you should try it first!!!!!!!!!!
Thou shalt post.
acidbass8 years ago
sounds cool
Um... Yeah, I'd be happy to see such an instructable, if you feel up to making one.

BTW, I noticed these in the "related" column

Before getting started look over these ibles first.  You might just decide that these have covered the topic already.  If so, you've saved yourself some work!

I point out these links not to discourage you, just to show what has been added to Instructables already.

seandogue8 years ago
Only if you post audio of the fabrication process...ouch...oW!^*^%, oWWWWW///Sonofab%$#chwhydidIvolunteerforthisible...OWWWW

Next, you could work on a poison ivy wreath for the alt_holidays;-)
lemonie seandogue8 years ago
People do / have done for thousands of years, they got over the ouch bit a while ago.

lemonie8 years ago
Nettles are well-out of season for me, but I would like to see that (for next year)