Does it matter which way the bands face when soldering a resistor to something?

Im just curious to know if there is a wrong way to connect a resistor to something. Im not sure if there is a wrong way to do it, i just want to make sure.

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Nope, No wrong way. Resistors aren't polarity wise. So you can put it in anyway.
It is however a good idea to put them all the same way (with the tolerance band in the same direction) if you're gonna ever need to debug the circuit. If theres only 2 or 3, it doesn't matter. If you have a hundred on a circuit board it makes sense. :)
Thanks for that tip!
Its a good idea to align them with the component reference drawing as well, so that when you are debugging, you can read the numbers off without cricking your neck !

Useful, I have just committed a few resistors on dragon rider 500 and needed to know this answer.

Thanks guys, I too am just learning the basics, and this has answered my question as well