Does the new XInput code for the USB Host Shield support the Logitech F710?

I would like to get a USB Host Shield, but, for gamepads, it might not be a perfect idea to get a DualShock 3. Has anyone tried the F710 with the new XInput code?

frollard5 years ago
I would agree -- DS3 is a pain to interface with as a usb HID. I don't have specific usb host shield experience with it, but getting it going on anything but a ps3 is not fun.
VirtualBoxer (author)  frollard5 years ago
It's just that I have a gamepad and I want to use it on my Arduino instead of getting a controller that is far easier to use on an arduino than the F710 but still as expensive; an example of what I would be okay with is that one of my neighbors found an NES controller at a thrift store, which is far easier to use on an Arduino than an F710, and also much cheaper.
VirtualBoxer (author)  VirtualBoxer4 years ago
I don't really mind anymore because I recently got an official wired XBox 360 controller.
VirtualBoxer (author)  VirtualBoxer4 years ago
However, I don't have a USB Host Shield yet. I would rather use the controller on the OTG port of my Arduino Due.