Does the xbox 360 slim burn out with thew RROD (Red Ring Of Death)?

How much better is the new xbox is what I am really asking.

frollard6 years ago
RROD = a multitude of possible errors, generally drive failure or overheat/motherboard failure.

The new slim has considerably better cooling architecture, and more efficient (lower power) cpu/gpu so it is arguably more stable in those respects. As for general hardware faults, thats anyones guess. Vomiting on a plate is better than the original 360's 30% first year hardware failure I would say yes, the new ones must be better. One can't judge the odds of failure or Mean Time To Failure MTTF for the new units since they're not old enough to gather enough data. One cannot yet predict the failure rate accurately.

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It will never get the red ring of death because they removed the red lights around the power button. It is possible though that it will have hardware failure in some other form.