Does this rock have any value?

Picture of Does this rock have any value?
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iceng1 month ago

Agate and Quartz SiO2 is a hard mineral, still it is my fun to light it from the inside..

iceng1 month ago

Looks to be Quartz combined with a jasper like protrusion both SiO2 and some compacted material that has been tumbled through geological time..

Picture focus does not allow detail analysis..

Other then a minor oddity there is no real value..

iceng iceng1 month ago

Here is a quarter of (an agate) geode that cost $2..

Which was tumbled then cut and finished..

iceng iceng1 month ago

You recognize agate also SiO2 <==> silicone-dioxide by those formation lines which under microscopic examination resolve into the thousands of lines..

RonnieI4 (author)  iceng1 month ago

thank you very much for your reply. I just gained a tremendous interest in stones/minerals signs their formation.