Dog Run: We would like to build a covered house with fenced in area for a dog run. Any suggestions? Gregg?

One idea is to put a kennel inside our 12 x 24 storage shed, with a dog door to the outside.  Then, fence in an area outside of the shed.  The dog will be about 50 pounds, and can jump and dig.

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JoeyHersh5 years ago
Install a wooden plank fence around the area you want for your dog to run, possibly 4.5 feet high with any wood stronger than plywood. add some toys to the shed and a big pillow for somewhere to sleep.
iceng5 years ago
But can your dog climb like my vizsla ?
cgmox3410 (author)  iceng5 years ago
My son has a half breed, part of which is a Vizsla. Wow, can he run and jump. I understand Portuguese Water Dogs can really jump as well.

Thanks for the advice.
iceng cgmox34105 years ago
Our Vizala could climb an 8 foot high fence ( easily ) !
I had to cover their paddock with chicken wire screen to keep them in !

cgmox3410 (author)  iceng5 years ago
Don't think so. We pick up the dog inMay.
Vyger5 years ago
A much simpler method is to just run an overhead cable and attach the dogs leash to it. He can run back and forth all he wants until the cable runs out. Also simple to make it longer. Or move it to a different spot when the grass starts to wear out. Much cheaper.
cgmox3410 (author)  Vyger5 years ago
rickharris5 years ago
1. If your dog is in a shed it won't need to house just a clean warm bed to sleep on

2. Keeping the dog penned up all day will lead to boredom and barking and or destroying things so it will need toys - A car tire hung from a rope is a good start.

3. The wire line run is a good idea BUT dogs can get caught up in the lead and can and perhaps will bite through the attaching lead unless made from wire as well.

4. there is a good thought that if your leaving the dog all day alone then perhaps having the dog isn't a great idea at present - Dogs like pack company and in the absence of other dogs YOU are the pack and it;s best friend.
cgmox3410 (author)  rickharris5 years ago
Thanks, Rick. Actually, we are retired and the dog will not spend much time in the kennel. At times, we are outside and cutting wood, etc. Don't want the dog to get hurt so we thought about building a kennel/dog run to keep the dog safe. Also, if we are to leave for a few hours on a nice day, and can't take the dog, being outside would be good for the pet.

Don't want to do a wire run.
bwrussell5 years ago
As far as digging goes just bury cinder blocks along the fence line. For jumping just make the fence tall enough. 6 ft is probably sufficient unless there is something for the dog to climb onto before jumping.
cgmox3410 (author)  bwrussell5 years ago
Thanks. I like the idea of the cinder blocks.