Dog gps tracker?

Hi, is anyone aware on an instructable teaching someone how to track a dog?  I don't want it to track in real time (if it could that'd be fine, but I want to go for cheap and light)  I want to plug it into my computer and have it tell me where he went.  If this is possible can you send me a link?  For bonus points, an Ible' on how to hook up a mic. to record things.  Thanks

pawtrax7 years ago
Have a look at The PATmicro is a real time tracxker and the PAT4CATS is a smaller GPS logger
tyep7 years ago
It would be a tough build. Here is a commercial one.
Re-design7 years ago
Building gps equipment is not yet a diy thing. AFAIK.

There are available for a reasonable cost, very small gps tracking devices that you could attach to his/her collar and a record of where the dog goes is kept on a website.  You are able to log in and privately view the records.

G00gle "gps logging".