Dose any one no how to make night vision goggles?

Might be a stupid question but,
I just wondered is it possible make night vision goggles for under £20.

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bigggi5 years ago
it's easier just buy them somewhere for example you can get it for $500. it worth it trust me
jduffy545 years ago
I made some for $50, about £30 but thats if you have to buy everything. If you have an mp3 player, gps, or something else with and a/v input, it is about $30, or about £20.
lemonie7 years ago
See this here:
That's a night-vision camera. The tricky part with goggles is getting the displays in front of your eyes. Two (free) video cameras, with viewfinders and you might have a chance.

Or this one:

Same basic concept, different camera.
Yes, you've got the viewfinder you need used in that one but not the original camera bit.

NachoMahma7 years ago
.  If you find the right dumpster, you can build anything for <= £20. ;)
.  The two main components (Putzer points them out for you) are fairly easy to find used and very cheap. IR LEDs are used in most remote controls and a lot of digital still/video cameras are sensitive to IR if a filter is removed (instructions for IR conversion are on the Web).
Putzer7 years ago
Infrared light and video camera, tape to face.